Where the Journey Begins

Asif Mehrudeen – Founder of Chickita, is an Australian with a heart full of passion for cooking. He had always dreamed of writing his own flame grilled chicken story. The enthusiasm for cooking inspired him and the team to create this exciting concept, with the very first store in the vibrant city of Saigon and future plans to expand globally.

How Far Have We Been?

“I strongly believe that a successful concept is the one that carries the heart, passion & soul in all its food and services.”
– Asif H. Mehrudeen

Asif’s culinary background of almost 20 years in Southeast Asia and being married to an Indonesian lady, Eva, has inspired and led him to develop Chickita, an Asian-inspired concept. He wants to give that nostalgic feeling with an array of familiar tastes, some new but all unique.

Chickita Meaning

It is a combination of two words “Chick” and “kita”. “Chick” refers to Chicken, while “kita” is us/we/our in Bahasa/Indonesian.


The combination of these words truly talks to the ethos of the brand which is a focus on community, communal dining, neighbourhood and togetherness which is a pillar of Asian culture.

The Art of Flame Grilled Chicken

Chickita has researched the cooking temperatures precisely to ensure the insides of the chickens are perfectly tender and juicy. This method creates a naturally smoky flavours of the chicken that we call “Flame Grilled Cooking Method”!

“Source the best high quality chicken from local farmers!”

The main influence on the Chickita menu is to provide the best locally sourced and freshest ingredients that are used throughout the menu, making CHICKITA become a regular lifestyle destination that is true to keeping food simple, fresh, and healthy.

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